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UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization and Informatics Acceptable Use Policy Overview

Each user account at the Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization and Informatics (RBVI) is capable of sending and receiving electronic mail (e-mail) and potentially creating and "publishing" a personal page(s) on the RBVI's web site. Users must be aware that such forms of electronic communication are subject to the Electronic Communications Policy of the University of California and applicable state and federal laws. Included in the University's policy document are statements concerning personal use of e-mail accounts, privacy and protection limits, security issues, and back-up and retention practices.

The purpose of this electronic communications policy overview statement is to inform RBVI users and account holders that:

Questions concerning this policy statement may be addressed to:
Prof. Thomas Ferrin
Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization and Informatics
University of California, San Francisco
Phone: 415-476-2299
Email: tef@cgl.ucsf.edu

All potential users of the RBVI must sign a printed version of this Acceptable Use Policy Overview before their computer account will be considered for approval.

I understand that the use of my RBVI account for sending or receiving e-mail, or publication of web pages, constitutes acknowledgment that such usage complies with the University of California Electronic Communications Policy. Usage that violates this Policy may constitute grounds for legal or disciplinary action.


(Signature and date)