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UCSF ChimeraX: Contact Us

ChimeraX image permission requests and inquiries into commercial licensing should be sent to

We welcome feedback about UCSF ChimeraX:

To ask a question about using ChimeraX, discuss features, or suggest improvements:

Please send e-mail to the ChimeraX user list,
This list is monitored by the ChimeraX developers and other list subscribers, and responses are usually quick and thorough. You can subscribe to the list or view the whole archive.

To report a problem with ChimeraX:

If possible, please use the Bug Reporter (currently in the menu under Tools... General); otherwise, you can send e-mail to Please include any information that may be needed to reproduce the problem: description of actions, program version, specific data, etc. The information will be publicly accessible, so do not include data or descriptions that you wish to remain private.

ChimeraX announcements list:

The ChimeraX announcements list is used by the ChimeraX team to inform users of major new features, new releases, and upcoming events such as workshops.

Although you cannot send messages to the chimerax-announce mailing list, you can subscribe to it.