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Command: delete

deleteatoms | bonds | pseudobonds | pbonds ]  spec  [ attachedHyds  true  false ] [ name  pseudobond-model-name ]

The delete command deletes the specified type of object: atoms (default), bonds, or pseudobonds (synonym pbonds). If the object-type keyword is given, the spec is allowed to be blank. By default (attachedHyds true), any hydrogens directly bonded to atoms specified for deletion will also be deleted, even if the hydrogens were not specified. Bonds and pseudobonds can be specified by their flanking atoms, or as a selection with sel. Pseudobonds can also be specified by model number, certain built-in classifications, or pseudobond model name as shown in the Model Panel.

Bonds can also be deleted with the command ~bond. See also: hide, close, addh, build, dockprep, Actions menu, selection context menus

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