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Command: zone

zone  residue-spec  [ residueDistance  dr ] [ labelDistance  dl ] [ surfaceDistance  ds ] [ label  true | false ] [ ribbons  true | false ]

zone clear

The zone command shows atomic detail and residue labels near a specified single residue of interest. Density-map or other volume data displays can also be restricted to a zone near that residue, and different cutoff distances can be used for the atoms, residue labels, and volume displays:

The cutoff values remain in effect for automatic application with the zone command and/or zone mouse mode until they are explicitly changed or ChimeraX is exited.

The label option indicates whether to show zone residue labels (default true; false removes all residue labels). The ribbons option shows the beyond-zone residues of the same atomic model as a narrow ribbon (default true; false does not modify any existing cartoons).

The zone clear command clears the labels and returns to what was shown before zoning.

For molecular surfaces, see surface zone. See also: volume zone (with newMap false), label, show, cartoon, select zone, zone atom specification

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