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A short primer on how to use MidasPlus - Table of Contents


Based extensively on the tutorial created by Bryan Jones, Biomolecular Structure Center, University of Washington. Thanks, Dr. Jones!

Important Notes: Some of the MidasPlus commands in the tutorial include filenames that are links. You will need to save a file via the browser before using it in a MidasPlus command. Also, make sure you put the file in the directory from which you are running MidasPlus.

The tutorial is geared toward Silicon Graphics users. On other platforms, the interface may differ slightly from the descriptions in the tutorial, although the commands are generally the same. "RGB" files and the image tools that manipulate them are also SGI-specific.

For general information regarding MidasPlus, check out the UCSF MidasPlus page. At the UCSF site, there are a number of images, with detailed instructions on how they were made. What follows below is simply the appropriate use of the commands within and concerning MidasPlus, and therefore, little in the way of creative assistance regarding images. For more help, check out the other http-based MidasPlus tutorial.

1. Starting MidasPlus

2. Viewing Molecules in MidasPlus

3. Modeling Utilities within MidasPlus

4. Graphical Rendering in MidasPlus

5. Other Useful Commands in MidasPlus

6. Displaying More Than One Molecule in MidasPlus

7. Finishing and Saving a MidasPlus Session

8. Programs Outside of MidasPlus

...and programs which run either in or outside of MidasPlus

An appendix is included that has a lot of relevant information (colors, chemical group names, lists of programs).

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