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Our Resource Center often creates or evaluates new technology to improve the usability of our software tools or to demonstrate some important aspect of our scientific work. In some cases the technology turn out to be very useful, in others it is less so. We have documented some of our experiences as "Tech Notes" so that others might benefit. We also publish scientific papers about the technology we develop.

RBVI Tech Notes
Description Author Date
Oculus Rift Stereoscopic Goggles Tom Goddard3/11/2014
Planetarium Dome 3-D Rendering Tom Goddard6/6/2012
Stereoscopic Viewing with NVIDIA 3D Vision Tom Ferrin & Greg Couch8/6/2010
Displaying 3D Model Views in Web Browsers Conrad Huang12/8/2009
Miracube 3-D LCD display Greg Couch3/31/2009
Phantom 3-D Force Feedback Device Tom Goddard3/17/2009
Printing 3-D Molecular Models Tom Ferrin3/17/2009
Paper Virus Models Tom Goddard3/17/2009
3Dconnexion Space Navigator Tom Goddard3/16/2009
Head Tracking via Wii Remote Control Conrad Huang3/10/2009
Head Tracking via Camera Mouse Conrad Huang3/10/2009

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