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Who works at the Computer Graphics Laboratory?

Staff Photo in Tiburon - June 2005 June 2005

In the back row (left to right) are: Scooter Morris, Tom Goddard, Greg Couch, Alex Nord, John Chuang, and Dan Greenblatt.
In the front row are: Tom Ferrin, Al Conde, Conrad Huang, Susan Johns, Doug Stryke, Elaine Meng, Eric Pettersen, Michiko Kawamoto, and Anne Barron.
Not pictured: Frank Federico and Kevin Kirby.

About this picture:

This picture was taken on the waterfront in Tiburon. Every now and then everyone in the lab gets together and heads over to Tiburon for lunch. One good restaurant there is Guaymas, with its large menu of fresh, authentic Mexican food and drinks. The weather is usually great, and it's fun to either ride your bike or take the Blue and Gold Ferry from Pier 41 in San Francisco to get there.

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