HIV RNA Planetarium Dome Movie

Tom Goddard
February 22, 2012

Movie showing molecules that bind to HIV RNA for the 2012 Biophysical Society meeting to be projected on a planetarium dome.

January 2013. New narration by Jim Weiss, new music by Nine Inch Nails, and updated credits at end of movie.


Opening scene RNA wiggling. Clips P. Fly over CD8 T-cell [1].
Clips P, D.
SIV virion with spikes
between two cells. Clips P.
Core particle. Clips P. HIV RNA dimer. Clips P, P2. Ribosome size comparison (3u5b, 3u5d) [2]. Clips P,
Ribosome RNA decorated
with 75 different proteins. (3u5c, 3u5e). Clips P,
HIV RNA decorated with
~1000 copies of nucleocapsid protein. Clips P,
Close-up of nucleocapsid binding (1a1t). Clips P. Dimerization kissing hairpin (2d1b). Clips P. Extended dimerization (2d1a) promoted by NC. Clips P.
tRNA primer (1fir) and reverse transcriptase (3v6d). Clips P. DNA-RNA hybrid with RNA cleaved segments that fly away. Clips P. Form and fly along duplex DNA. Clips P. Circularized DNA with strand swap coloring. [5] Clips P.
Integrase binding (3os1). Clips P. Nuclear pore (EMDB 1097), pre-integation complex must pass through. Clips P. Chromatin with HIV integrated as 50 nucleosomes (1zbb). Clips P. TAT binding (2w2h) at TAR RNA (2kx5) site recruits P-TEFb (3mi9) to get full length transcript. [3] Clips P. Rev (3lph) binding to RNA (1etf) and CRM (3gjx) to export unspliced RNA from nucleus. Clips P. Credits. Clips P.