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Command: dicom

dicom  viewdefault | fourup | overunder | sidebyside ) [ guidelines  true | false ]

The command dicom view sets the layout of medical image display, where medical image refers to volume data opened from the DICOM, NIfTI (.nii), and/or NRRD (.nrrd) formats. Choices of layout include:

The guidelines option controls whether each slice view should contain crosshairs showing the positions of the other slice views.

Slice Navigation and Manipulation

Each slice view has a slider for navigating through the data planes along the corresponding axis. Alternatively, the following keys can be used, optionally + Shift for faster movement:

The three slice views do not rotate, but their zooming and translation follow the current mousemode assignments.

See also: view, volume planes, the Medical Image toolbar, Download DICOM, Segmentations, ChimeraX DICOM Reference, ChimeraX for Medical Image Analysis

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