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DICOM Browser dialog

Tool: DICOM Browser

DICOM files contain associated information (metadata) that can be displayed in the DICOM Browser and the related DICOM Metadata tool.

The DICOM Browser can be shown by choosing a model that corresponds to a patient or study in the Model Panel and clicking the Info button. It shows the DICOM patient→study→series hierarchy, with selected descriptors at each level.

One or more rows can be chosen (highlighted) by clicking and dragging with the left mouse button; Ctrl-click (or command-click if using a Mac) toggles whether a row is chosen.

Full DICOM Metadata for the chosen row(s) can be shown by using the context menu to Load Metadata from Highlighted Entries, or by clicking the Show Metadata button at the bottom of the DICOM Browser dialog.

UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics / November 2022