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Command: angle

angle  spec 

angle  atom-spec  [ angle ] [ move  large | small ]

The angle command reports or modifies the angle defined by three atoms, where a centroid or marker is equivalent to an atom. It can also report but not modify the angle between two previously defined geometric objects (axes and/or planes) specified by their model numbers. If no angle value is given, the current measurement is reported in the Log.

The angle can only be changed to the specified angle value (degrees) when the first and third atoms, if connected, are connected only by bond (or linker) paths that go through the middle atom. Missing-structure pseudobonds are considered part of a connected bond path. The move option indicates whether to move the large or small side of the bond (default small, the side with fewer atoms). If the first and third atoms are both connected to the middle atom, the valence angle at the middle atom will be changed.

For adjusting angles interactively, see the Adjust Angles section of Build Structure.

For measuring or changing torsion angles defined by four atoms, see the torsion command, the Angles/Torsions and Adjust Torsions sections of Build Structure, and/or the bond rotation mouse mode . See also: distance, bond, build, Axes/Planes/Centroids, measurements

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