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Tool: Angles/Torsions

Angles/Torsions is a table of angle measurements defined by the positions of three or four atoms (and/or markers, which are equivalent to atoms for most purposes). The atoms need not be bonded or even in the same model as each other. Angle measurements can be added to or deleted from the table, and the table contents saved to a file. Angles/Torsions is tabbed together with the Distances and Axes/Planes/Centroids tools into a Structure Measurements window.

For rotating bonds interactively, see the Adjust Torsions section of Build Structure and/or the bond rotation mouse mode . For interactively adjusting angles defined by three atoms, see the Adjust Angles section of Build Structure. See also: angle, torsion, measurements

Angles/Torsions can be opened from the Structure Analysis section of the Tools menu and manipulated like other panels (more...).

Angle measurements are in degrees, and the number of Decimal places can be adjusted (initial default 1).


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