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Tool: Map Eraser

Map Eraser allows interactively erasing (zeroing) parts of volume data such as density maps. It is implemented as the command volume erase. See also: Segment Map, volume operations

Map Eraser can be started from the Volume Data section of the Tools menu or by clicking the map eraser icon in the Right Mouse toolbar. Like other tools, it can also be started with the command toolshed show and moved, resized, etc.

Only one volume data set can be displayed for erasing to occur. If the data set was opened from a file, a copy of the display region will be opened automatically as a new model and the original hidden so that erasures apply only to the copy.

Erase inside sphere zeroes the sphere-enclosed portion of the data, whereas Erase outside sphere zeroes all but the sphere-enclosed portion. Erasures cannot be undone.

Data can be erased even when hidden by clipping or zoning (with surface zone or volume zone).

The modified map can be saved to a file.

The eraser sphere is not saved in sessions.

UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics / August 2019