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Some notable milestones in CGL/RBVI's long history include:


And here are some of the videos from our collection of historical film clips:

Interactive Molecular Graphics, Thomas Ferrin and Robert Langridge (UCSF), 1980.

Includes van der waals dot surfaces using UCSF BILD, molecular interactions and docking using UCSF MIDS, and a color wheel illustrating capabilites of our new Evans & Sutherland "shadow mask" color calligraphic monitor.

InteractiveMolGraph.mp4 (13:39 minutes -- no audio)

A New Era for Molecular Graphics: Interactive Color Graphics!, Anne Feibelman (Stanford) and Robert Bazell (NBC News), circa 1981.

Includes interviews with Linus Pauling and Robert Language, film illustrating first use of molecular graphics for structure-based drug design, and a short clip showing the molecular graphics sequence created by Langridge for Star Trek II.

MolGraphics-collage.mp4 (9:00 minutes)

A Brief History of Molecular Graphics, Anne Feibelman, circa 1985.

Includes opening animation (i.e., not interactive graphics) illustrating DNA super-helical structure by Nelson Max (LLNL), interviews with Linus Pauling and Robert Language, film from MIT's Project MAC including the first application of interactive molecular graphics, film from Evans & Sutherland LDS-1 graphics system at Princeton University, and interactive docking of a protein with DNA using UCSF MIDAS.

MolGraphics-Feibelman.mp4 (10:41 minutes)

Interview with Langridge by Russ Altman, Stanford, 2002.

Bob talks about the earliest days of realtime molecular graphics, including Project MAC in 1964, along with some of the advantages that interactive computer models have over traditional hand-held molecular models.

Langridge-Altman.mp4 (38:34 minutes)

For additional animations created with UCSF Chimera and ChimeraX, see Molecular Animations.

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