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Command: move

move  axisdistance [ frames ]] [ coordinateSystem  model-spec ] [ models  model-spec | atoms  atom-spec ]

The move command translates the specified models or atoms by distance along axis at each of a specified number of image update frames (default 1 frame). To place models at the center of rotation, see move cofr. See also: roll, turn, zoom, mousemode , making movies

The axis is required and can be x, y, z or any of the other standard vector specifications. The screen coordinate system (X horizontal, Y vertical, Z in/out of screen) will be used to interpret axis specifications unless a reference model is given with the coordinateSystem option.

The distance is in the units of length intrinsic to the data, usually Å, and can be positive or negative. If a distance is not given, the length of the axis vector will be used. If no models or atoms are specified, the scene will be translated as a whole. A movement of atoms cannot be undone except with a command that applies the opposite movement to the same atoms (not always easy to construct) or by reopening the original structure.

Commands continue to be processed while the requested motion is in progress. To prevent processing of further commands until the motion is finished, use the wait command. To halt an ongoing move, use stop.

Centering Models at the Center of Rotation

Usage: move cofr  model-spec

The move cofr command translates the specified models collectively (without changing their positions relative to one another) to center their bounding box at the current center of rotation. Only displayed parts are used to compute the bounding box. The model-spec cannot be blank. See also: cofr

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