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Command: name

name  target-name  spec

name  frozen  target-name  spec

name  listbuiltins  true | false ]

name  deletetarget-name | all )

The name command defines a target-name to be used as a synonym for spec in subsequent commands. The target-name will also be listed in:

Defined targets are saved in sessions, and they can also be created with menu: Select... Define Selector. See also: alias, rename

Defining a name is useful to replace a long target specification string with something shorter and easier to type, or to name the current selection for easy access to its contents later. Occurrences of target-name (space- and/or semicolon-delimited) in commands will be translated to the corresponding items. A valid target-name:

A target can be defined as evaluate-now or evaluate-later:

The command name list reports all user-defined targets in the Log, with brief summaries of their contents; using builtins true also lists the built-in targets.

The command name delete can be used to “forget” a specific user-defined target or all user-defined targets.

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