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The goal of the RBVI is to advance the frontiers of biomedical research while developing new applications of immediate use to scientists. Accordingly, technology research and development is a major activity at our Center. However, the development of new biomedical research tools is most effective when pursued in the context of specific challenging problems. Thus we have identified a set of "driving biomedical research projects" (DBPs - listed below) that we are pursuing in collaboration with outside investigators. In addition, we endeavor to make our advanced software tools easily accessible to others. One approach to this is to actively engage the greater research community to collaborate, and thus we have identified several "collaboration and service projects" below as well. Lastly, we recognize that biomedical research is inheriently dynamic and although we do our best to keep these project descriptions up to date it is unavoidable that some become stale or obsolete.
Design Element

Technology Research and Development Projects

TR&D 1: The Chimera Molecular Modeling Environment

TR&D 2: Software for Interactive Analysis of Large Molecular Assemblies

TR&D 3: The Structure-Function Linkage Database

TR&D 4: Integrated Analysis and Visualization of Biological Context

Driving Biomedical Projects

DBP 1: Modeling Macromolecular Assemblies (PI: Andrej Sali)

DBP 2: Incorporation of SFLD into the InterPro resource of the EMBL-EBI (PIs: Rob Finn & Alex Bateman)

DBP 3: Interactive Visualization of Intramolecular Contact Networks in Protein Structures (PI: James Fraser)

DBP 4: HIV Accessory and Regulatory Complexes (PIs: Nevan Krogan & Yifan Cheng)

DBP 5: Multiscale 3D Architecture of Organelles, Cells, Tissues and Microbial Communities (PI: Manfred Auer)

DBP 6: Modeling Biological Assemblies from cryoEM and cryoET Maps (PI: Wah Chiu)

DBP 7: Structural Data Validation, Improved Formats, and Visualization at RCSB PDB (PIs: Helen Berman, Cathy Lawson, John Westbrook)

DBP 8: Network Visualization of Whole Genome Sequence Assembly (PI: Joseph DeRisi)

DBP 9: Understanding the mechanisms of cell migration (PI: Dyche Mullins)

Example Collaboration and Service Projects

Older Research Projects

A list of some of our older and inactive research projects is available here.

Collaborative Research Opportunities

Collaborative projects bring our expertise in developing computational and visualization tools together with the biomedical expertise of outside scientists. Such efforts may lead to joint publications. Although our resources are limited, we welcome inquiries from scientists interested in collaborating. Inquiries should be directed to Prof. Thomas Ferrin, Director. It would be helpful to include a synopsis of your proposed project in your e-mail.

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