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Command: size

size  spec  [ atomRadius  [+|-]ra | default ] [ ballScale  [+|-]b ] [ stickRadius  [+|-]rb ] [ pseudobondRadius  [+|-]rpb ]

The size command sets radius parameters. Each parameter can be set to a specific value or adjusted relative to the current value(s) by adding or subtracting a constant amount. Relative changes are indicated with a plus or minus sign, for example:

size ligand atomRadius +.5


Style is controlled with the style command and/or Molecule Display icons.

Bonds and pseudobonds can be specified by their endpoint atoms or directly by selection and using the word sel. Pseudobonds can also be specified by pseudobond model number or built-in classifications: pbonds, hbonds.

Marker and link radii can also be adjusted in the Marker Placement tool, with the mouse , or with marker change. See also: cartoon style, set subdivision, hbonds, crosslinks, setattr, Selection Inspector

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