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Command: style

style  spec  [ sphere | stick | ball ] [ ringFill  thick | thin | off | on ] [ dashes  N ]

The style command sets atom/bond display styles and the number of dashes per pseudobond. The style can be one of the following:

VDW radii (for sphere display), stick radii, and the scale factor for ball display can be adjusted with the size command.

The ringFill option sets the ring-fill style per residue:

Rings of up to six members can be filled. The color command allows coloring ring fill separately from the ring atoms.

The style command can also set pseudobond number of dashes N. Only whole numbers of dashes are accepted, with 0 indicating solid sticks. Currently, odd numbers are rounded down to give an even number of dashes. The dashes setting applies to an entire pseudobond model even if only part of the model is specified.

See also: show, preset, cartoon style, graphics quality, nucleotides, hbonds, crosslinks, setattr, Actions menu, Molecule Display icons, Selection Inspector

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