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Tool: Distances

Distances is a table of distance monitors (measurements that update if there are changes). The tool also allows adding and deleting distance monitors, adjusting their appearance, and saving the information to a file. Distances is tabbed together with the Angles/Torsions and Axes/Planes/Centroids tools into a Structure Measurements window.

Distance monitors are pseudobonds. They can also be added with the distance command, selection context menus (when two atoms are selected), and the distance mouse mode . The tape measure mouse mode adds a different type of distance measurement with markers and links (details...). See also: H-Bonds, Clashes/Contacts, Crystal Contacts, label, crosslinks histogram, select by pseudobond length, measurements

Distances can be opened from the Structure Analysis section of the Tools menu and manipulated like other panels (more...).

Appearance options:

For smoother distance-label text in high-resolution images, see the label command size option.


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